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On our wavelength

Hello Virgin

I am living. moving to new address where you are not delivering service.

I have answered all questions to your BOT and now waiting until some member of your staff will be able speak to me. BOT said you ppl are busy. of course, more busy than your client. I have nothing else to do but wait 20 minutes, when you will find time to me.

hope you will find time soon.

thank you in advance.


Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

I can appreciate the frustration caused brothharley,

Above on this thread would be all of our options to get the account cancelled, from there our team should be able to sort this.



No, there are no options you have. You disrespect your clients but holding on phone for 20 mins after answering questions to your bots. 

Your SMS service does not work anymore for this task at least, I have got message about this.

Ok, got  it, you dont want to let me go, got it. But you trying to say in in very strange way.


thank you, exactly what I did