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Leaving Final Invoice

I've had to leave Virgin Media due to the price, I am leaving on the 31st July so need to pay up until then.  Re my final payment, the date my payment is usually take is around the 16th of the month and the billing period is for the 6th to the 5th of the following month.  The guy on the phone said that payments are collected in arrears ie the payment on the 16th July covers the period 6th June - 5th July.  However upon looking at my latest bill, it says that the billing period is for the 6th July - 5th August.  

Are they trying to pull a fast one here?  If what the guy said on the phone is try, I still owe for the 6th June - 5th July and will then need to pay from the 6th July to 31st July.  However if what it says on my bill is correct, this should cover up to my date of leaving, infact I will be owed a refund for 5 days ie 1st August - 5th August!

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Re: Leaving Final Invoice

Hi Knightsy1,


Thank you for your post. 


I'm very sorry for any confusion in regards to your bill. What I will need to do is private message you so I can take a look at the account. 



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