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Latest bill direct debit problem. Says bill paid *green tick* but not come out of my bank account.

Tuning in


I recently changed from ultimate oomph to ultimate volt  (cancel then renew under different name in household as recommended by rep Lorna). Gave them new correct direct debit details also.

I noticed after a few weeks (before installation) the direct debit details had the wrong name (from the old account)

So I contacted Lorna (local virgin rep) to rectifiy this, she confirmed the name on the Direct debit was now corrected.

All seems well until I recently noticed that the first bill has not come out of my bank account (first two months). So i signed in to check on the purple site it says 'paid' with a green tick "theres nothing you have to do".

However if I click on view bill on (red website) it says payment due still on 19th april. It also says "it looks like you havent set up a direct debit yet"

Just to clarify the 02 mobile portion of the bill which is paid seperatly has been coming out of my account fine.

So I'm not sure whats going on. I have sent a text to the local rep but havent had a reply so could someone from vm please look into this as I dont want a late payment fee added.




Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Rob 👋.

Thanks for your post. 

Apologies around the billing issues. We can certainly help you out. We would need to bring you into a private message, just look for the purple envelope requesting to confirm some details and we can look into this for you.