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Late payment fees and overcharges

Joining in

Im writing here because I am sick and tired of speaking with Virgin customer services who repeatedly lie to me. In October Virgin increased my broadband charges by 85%. Now they are trying to charge me even more, including "package changes" @£41.67 even though my package hasnt changed in over a year, plus adding two months worth of late payment fees @£7.50 each when I have had a direct debit setup for over 5 years. One late payment fee was creditted back as a billing error, but new late payment fees continue to show up on my bill. How is that possible when Virgin are in control of how much and when payments are taken from my bank account.

Ive called Virgin twice in one week (wasting over 1 hour) to find out what is going on. Each time I am told that my bill would be reduced by £41.67. They also refuse to even acknowledge the late payment charges. So this month Im not only paying 85% more than before, Im also being over charged by £49.17 for mysterious reasons.

Ive received no less than 8 emails from Virgin saying that a credit will be applied and that it will take up to 72 hours to show on my account. Well, it has been 101 hours and still no credit shows on my account. Adding insult to injury, I told Virgin that I did not want to receive emails about how to manage my account, how to refer people etc, but each time I am spammed with 10 emails about managing my account and referring people. Are Virgin reps taking the **** out of me?