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Late fees added incorrectly?

Virgin bill calendar monthly yes?

So why do they add late charges if the bill isn’t paid within the calendar month, instead of 31 days after the bill date as in contract?

Also why do they take the late charges payment from the money I pay for the current bill, instead of adding it to the next? as in contract also.

This then shows the current bill wasn’t paid in full, getting another late charge.

How can I request the money back?

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Forum Team
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Re: Late fees added incorrectly?

Hi Jussy1974, thanks for your post. 


I am sorry to hear you're unhappy with the late payment fees and the confusion over how they are charged. Let me help you with this.  


Late payment fees are only charged when the old bill is outstanding at the time of the new bill being created. 


For example: if August's bill is not paid in full by the creation date of September's bill, this new bill will have a late payment fee added. This is fully in line with our terms and conditions, which you can see here


Kindest regards,


Katie - Forum Team

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