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Just what is a "Shadow Account"?

Over the Easter weekend, my services stopped working.
At first, I assumed it was a technical fault and would resolve itself in a few hours.
It did not, so after the weekend, I called in to report the fault.

I was told that my services had been cut off because I was over the limit on my “shadow account”,
that I owed £141 and needed to make an immediate card payment to have service restored. Nobody could tell me what a “shadow account” is, or what I had spent money on. I refused and was offered a resumption of service for a card payment of £25. As I declined, I was passed over to customer services. They stuck to the same story, except that now I owed £191 and needed to make an immediate card payment of at least £17. I continued to ask what the charge was for and the call was cut off.

I checked that my bills had all been paid OK by DD, they had, the latest taken only a few days earlier.

Calling in again, I got through to someone who could not see the charge or the reason for disconnection. I was promised resumption of service within 30 min and this indeed happened.

Several days latter I received a letter through the post, this shows my details at the top and an overdue balance £0.00. The letter informs me that my new bill for £250 is on its way to me and that I am also being surcharged £7.50 for late payment. It also states they are still waiting to receive my payment of £0.00 to settle my last bill!

I called in again, only to be told that they could not discuss the matter as it had already been escalated.

I have no idea what this is all about, or what a shadow account is.
I was without service Easter weekend despite never having been in arrears.

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Re: Just what is a "Shadow Account"?

Hi pjnewton,


I'm terribly sorry for the confusion that this has caused you. 


This sounds like the call handler would be referring to a shadow credit limit on the account, and not a shadow account


I'd like to look into this for you to try and clear up the confusion for you.


Look out for the purple envelope in the top right hand corner of the screen for a PM from me





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