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Issues with “offers”

Joining in

First time poster here so I hope it’s in the right place.

I’m not tech savvy, and prefer a call with someone explaining the ins and outs.


first time in a decade I called up today as I’m in my last 2 weeks of current contract, to get a deal. Done this multiple times before.

this year I’m offered a “deal” which frankly is too high. Online I’ve seen from my account I am offered to do another 18 months on my same price and details ( again prefer to speak to somebody to ensure it’s right).

so I call, get a guy who sounds like he’s depressed and says he can’t do anything. Ok we can have bad days so wished him well and called back an hour later.

then I try again and get the usual great service however I’m offered a great managers “deal” which is more than offered on my account page and also might I add double the offer of a new customer AND more than the full price after term of a new customer….


I would save £100s moving to a dongle for a few months and being a new customer.

no incentive to stay and just frustrated at all.

this is now common practice to penalise people by offering deals on their own website ‘upgrade/account management’ which apparently don’t exist via the phone ON TOP of substantial price variations between new and existing customers giving now incentive to stay?  

thank you 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi SID77H,

Thanks for your first post, welcome to the Community Forums!

I'm sorry to hear you struggled to get the same offer you saw online over the phone. We may have special offers that can only be found via your online account and cannot be matched over the phone. However, if you had any issues with accepting this offer you saw online, our team should have been able to honour the package for you over the phone with the use of recurring credits, if they were unable to replicate the offer on their end.

I'm afraid that we are unable to call customers from here as we are a digital-only based team, and we are unable to assist with package changes. However I would advise to try placing the order online and if you have any further questions that aren't answered in the online T&Cs or issues, you can speak with our team over the phone again and they can discuss it further with you. You'd also have 14 days after your new contract starts to revert to your previous package with no penalty.