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Issues with moving houses, being offline in the world of WFH

Hi everyone, it would be great if I can get some help and advice in regards to a recent issue I am having with Virgin Media.

It is really hard to explain up until this point, however long story short we have been now left without any Internet access for weeks now, during the time I have to work from home to pay bills and also submit final year university exams and doing research - yay fun stuff.

It all started when I contacted the Virgin Media team to notify them of my house move on the 31st of March, everything on the call went smoothly and I was told that the Internet at the old house will be cut off on Friday 16th of April and the new line in the new house will be installed on the 26th of April... even though there was already a week without any internet access I decided to bite the bullet and stay with Virgin regardless of having to lose connection for a week - I was going to use my limited mobile data for a week - it would have been fine...

Now we fast forward to Friday 23rd and I receive a call from Virgin that the installation has been put on hold as suddenly there are some forms and permissions from my landlord or a lettings agency to approve for completing the engineering works on the street... no exact estimate date has been provided... Then I immediately call back and start a tremendous rally of being on the phone for more than 2 hours and getting transferred from a department to a department (in a non UK call center, keeping in mind I have called in the early afternoon on a work day), finally I have been given an estimate date for 5 weeks ahead, where I have to stay without any internet connection... I suggest to the team if an alternative option such as a 4G router or anything else is possible and the team agreed and said that this is definitely a good suggestion and that the "sales" team would definitely help, so they tried to transfer me, 5 more times and more wasted minutes I can't get transferred to the "sales" team and request an alternative option. In the end I reach a very rude and unprofessional  representative that started with the words: "Thank you for calling Virgin Media, bye bye... (super unprofessional)", however I was so mad at this point that I interrupted this and started to explain for the 8th time now what that issue is and all I heard at the end was: "We will not be providing you with any alternative options and you are not a priority goodbye, bye bye."


After the madness of the call and my frustration I decided to wait a day and call again, as I was not in the mood to deal with this again... The next day I call and again my call was answered by the non UK callcenter. The person on the other end of the phone was very keen on listening and I really appreciated that, what he told me is that on the system he can see that the installation has been rescheduled for "today" (28th of April) and that an engineer would come and install the line and so I trusted this and hung up the phone... 28th of April passes and no engineer ever arrived... so the next day I call and this time my call got answered by a native UK callcenter - that was great as I got to learn that the form, that was "sent" to the landlord was not returned... So I immediately spoke with my agency and the landlord, however they said that they have never received any forms or have been contacted by Virgin Media... I give a call to Virgin Media again and again explain everything, and required the form to be sent immediately to the landlord, so this whole process of moving services can finally start after almost a month of notice...


Now I am just waiting in the dark, with no further updates, just waiting and regretting my choice to stay with Virgin Media, paying super expensive phone bills for tethering, losing money every day and on top of that for some reason paying Virgin Media a bill for 2 months in advance for a non existent service...

So I just wanted to see if you guys have any ideas, recommendations, stories or anything that would support a person in the future if it has fallen into this predicament of dealing with Virgin Media?

I have found a similar story here:


Thank you so much for your time 🙂

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Re: Issues with moving houses, being offline in the world of WFH

Hi ivan1993,


Thanks for posting, I'm sorry to hear of the experience you've had when moving.


We work really hard to ensure our information about all properties across the country is up to date, however in rare cases we can come up against issues during, or shortly before installation that are unpredictable and outside our control.


I've popped you over a private message so I can a few more details from you in order to look into this. (purple envelope, top right hand corner)



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Re: Issues with moving houses, being offline in the world of WFH Unlimited 4g sim card for £20/month 30-day contract.


If you need a connection for work you need to get a business connection with an SLA to match your requirements or a backup connection for when the internet is down.