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Is this legal for VM to force me to take an 18-month contract without my authorisation???

Tuning in


Hi everyone,

As you can see above, I thought I would be moved to a rolling contract as mentioned above by a Virgin Media staff after moving house. However, when I logged in to the account I found that I somehow got the 18-month contracts.

Is this legal for VM to force me to take an 18-month contract without my authorisation?

How should I report as I feel like this is a scam?

That's outrageous, is there any legal advice on how should I appeal/dispute?

Many thanks for anyone's help.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Desmond,

Thank you for reaching out to us i8n our community and welcome, sorry to hear the rolling contract agreed was not added, I was able to locate you on our system with the details we have for you and can see you have spoken to us, what was advised?



On our wavelength

The Movers Department is known by these kind of pratices.

Get a hold of someone from Retentions or Costumer Relations. They will rectify it without a problem.

Hi Paul,

I called VM and the staff told me they would rectify the issue.

However, when I logged in today, I still had the 18-month contract without my authorisation!

Is VM a scamming company? Why could they say A and B all the time???




I just called them and they said I have an overdue payment that needs to be paid.


However, my account balance is Credit 23.3 and they cut my call immediately unless I pay 44.29. I am afraid they screwed my credit score as well. That's the most ridiculous thing that I have ever encountered in my life!!!



Thanks for coming back to us singstar222,

We can look at what has happened and make sure the contract has been removed for you, If, we have done this, it normally does not show on your online account as it has to be done manually. 

We can also check the credit on your bill.

So, I can check this for you, I will pop you over a private message, click on the envelope at the top of the page to accept the chat. 

Kind regards Jodi

Tuning in

they did the same to me with an office Broadband account - said I was due a new router and a faster speed for free. I'd already completed an 18month terms . Six months later I moved to serviced offices and advised VM i needed to cancel - they claimed by accepting a new router i'd agreed to another 18months i hadnt it wasnt even mentioned. They sent many threatening letters - I relied each time telling them they were mistaken and eventually they stopped. Very Dodgy sales operation - borderline crooks. I' m currently having a similar issue with My paretnts account - they got the "free new router has been posted call and a free upgrade to 1gb - as if my 80+ year old parents have a clue what that means... VM  signed  them up to 2 x  O2 Mobile phone sim cards at £25 per month without permission . We're now trying to cancel the O2 Mobile account. O2 were no help at all - had to go into shop in High street  to get it cancelled. I'm now trying to cancel Vm account as there are no suitable packages . Since we established this i got transferred to the correct department on WhatsApp but nobody has answered messages and its' been 24 hours. Not sure how I speak to anyone at VM guess well just stop the standing order if that's the only way .