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Installation Delayed, I may need to cancel!

Hi All

I hope you are all well and surviving the Coronapocalypse! 

I have a real issue at the moment with regards to my VM Package. It was due to be installed on the 11th but was cancelled and postponed to the 3rd. I cancelled Sky on this date but as VM didn't deem it necessary to warn me that the installation couldn't be done.....even though they had been out there 3 days in a row and I had spoken to the engineers. I could have kept sky going a bit longer! 

To apologise VM gave me £25 credit on my account.....which I can't actually use for anything because I have no service to pay for! They have also waived my installation fee, again it hasn't been installed on time or in fact at all!

I told a nice lady on the phone I needed internet to work and she offered me a wifi dongle....which I would need to pay for.....and be on a contract for 12 months. I said that's unacceptable and I should get it free as I cannot use the service they said I could have. She then said actually she couldn't do that because she isn't virgin she can sell it to me as virgin media but can't do anything when it doesn't suit them?

They set a date for construction team to come on the 29th..... he actually came last Saturday and told me installation would take place on Monday and it was all sorted and in the system, he even showed me the work schedule print out he had which did indeed confirm installation for Monday.

Great I thought! Monday came and nobody showed, so I messaged VM to ask and got though to rep of VM who said it clearly says on the system that it would take place on the 3rd April and construction would be there on the 29th March. He said he was a 100% sure in the account dates.....even though I told him the engineer had been and said installation would be a few days after, he didn't budge from his position, which was clearly wrong as half the work was done!

Anyway I am not impressed to be honest with VM. I now have to work at home with no phone or internet. I am relying on mobile data that I need to keep topping up at a cost.

So i am writing this as a last attempt to get through as when you call up you spend and hour being passed from one person to another and not actually being told anything or spend an age talking to a rep from another country reading of a screen!

I want this sorted ASAP as I need to work, I am now looking for alternatives to VM!

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