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Incorrect missed payment record on credit report

Tuning in

I instructed Virgin Media to disconnect my home broadband as my contract end date was two weeks away and they confirmed that my service would be disconnected in 30 days. I received a bill for the payment for the period after the my contract end date up to the disconnection date and the bill stated the payment would be collected by direct debit on 16 October. Before the 16 October I received a bill the day after the disconnection date which was for the same amount as the previous bill but the payment date was changed to 6 November and the bill stated it would be collected by direct debit. On the 23 October I received another bill for the same amount and it stated that they had not received payment for my last bill and that the outstanding balance is due. The payment date was "NOW". On the 6th of November the direct debit was taken from my account and on the 7th of November Virgin Media had reported to the credit agencies that I had a missed payment for the same amount that they had collected by direct debit the day before. 

I have spent hours and hours waiting for customer service agents to respond in webchats and despite describing my issue 3 times when the bot asks and then taking 5-8 minutes to review my issue the customer service agent then attempts to avoid discussing the incorrectly reported missed payment issue and then attempts to focus on the router that hasn't been returned (which was because they had not delivered the box that I had requested four times and they had not collected it when they said they would collect it). I am convinced that the customer service agents have been instructed to avoid discussing incorrectly reported missed payments because it is mind blowing how they attempt to focus on an issue that I have not described in the chat. When they eventually accepted my request to file a complaint in the chat (because the link to file a complaint leads to a page that says nothing to see here and that my service has been disconnected), their recap was incoherent, irrelevant and incorrect. There was no mention of the incorrect missed payment in their recap. After what I've experienced trying to resolve this issue with their inept customer service agents, broken systems and broken processes where they provide misinformation and, to be perfectly honest, they straight up lie to you, I am convinced that they have been instructed to prolong and mislead customers so that they won't file a complaint. 

How can a customer service agent say to me "first and foremost, this isn't the fault of Virgin Media" when they didn't collect the direct debit when they initially said they would, then collected it 3 weeks later and then the next day reported a missed payment to the credit agencies. Throughout the whole process they don't show any empathy when their negligence has resulted in an extremely stressful experience for the (ex)customer who has spent hours and hours to basically be told it's not their fault and you should go and spend hours elsewhere resolving your issue. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @Sim99,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear you have been having this issue with your billing after your cancellation was processed, I would like to go about looking into this for you in a private message so that we can hopefully go about resolving this. If you have not used out private message function before, you can access it via the envelope at the top of your screen.


Tuning in

Hi Joe, 

Thanks for your response. I've responded by private message and hope that you will be able to help me get this issue fixed.