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Incorrect bill

I contacted Virgin in January to let them know I was moving house on the 10th February. Initially I had wanted to transfer my account to the new address but it became apparent this wouldn't be possible as the service wasn't available. I then informed them I would be cancelling the account. As still in contract I am liable for the early disconnection fee despite not being able to get the service at the new address (yet another example of VM's appalling terms but I won't get into that here! Fortunately my new broadband provider is covering the cost).

Today is billing day and I was expecting to receive my final bill detailing the charges. Instead I received a bill for the period 11th Feb-10th March. After multiple attempts on the online messaging service and calling (they need to expand the hold music repertoire - an hour of the same 4 songs is no doubt designed to stop people hanging on) I managed to get through to someone. He proceeded to repeat my problem back to me over and over, and tried to explain it away as bills being paid a month in advance. I pointed out that I had given the necessary 30 days notice for disconnection, paid the bill for the January-February period on time and in full, and had confirmation from the company that the service would be disconnected on the 10th Feb; he finally agreed with me but proceeded to parrot back the ways to contact customer service and said he needed to transfer me to another team before putting me back on the god awful hold loop.

I have submitted a number of complaints about all of the issues I have with this company however was even more frustrated to find that the guidance for responding to complaints is to call the same customer service number that is rarely answered.

Sorry for the rant, I am just unbelievably angry at the incompetence of this company, and these forums seem to be the most effective way to get any issues resolved!

I would like the incorrect bill I was sent today to be cancelled and to be sent my final bill.


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Re: Incorrect bill

Thanks for your post and welcome to the Community Forums, angrycustomer21,


Apologies for the delayed response, have you been able to get this sorted since your post?



Corey C

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