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Incorrect Missed Payment - Credit Report Ruined

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I recently cancelled my Virgin media package and for some reason not explained to me the direct debit for the final payment month wasn’t taken when it was required. They waited till they received the HUB back to take the payment rather than just taking the payment as normal instead of waiting for the postage of the HUBs!!!! I was not told this would be the case and now my credit report has a “missed payment” (since paid automatically by direct debit) and my perfect credit score is now ruined due to Virgin adding this to my credit file. There was no warning given that they would not take the payment for this bill when I had a direct debit set up.

I’m trying to buy a house but can’t get a decent mortgage offer approved until this is cleared but when I asked Virgin to urgently fix told me to email the credit team who told me via automated email that they will get back to me in 21 days!!! This is causing me a great deal of anxiety stress and 3 weeks just for a reply is completely unacceptable.

My family has Virgin Broadband and mobile accounts but will be cancelling all of them if my credit is wrecked by their error on a minor amount of £32!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey @JuhiC,

Welcome to the Community Forums and thanks for the post.

Sorry to hear that this has happened, with our Credit File team it can take up to 21 days for the team to look into this for you, this is set out directly by the team to allow them sufficient time to look into this for you. I understand that this can be a try situation but the team will review this for you.