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Incorrect Contract and Overcharge

Joining in

Although I asked same issue via WhatsApp, please allow me to post here because still I could not receive any feedback.

I would renew my package and GBP60 including additional service was proposed by VirginMedia Agent, but contract was made with GBP54 mistakenly because some service was not included. In addition this GBP60 looked not to be acceptable by VirginMedia even if Agent of VirginMedia had proposed, then VirginMedia suddenly charge me GBP76 against GBP54 in contract.

Excluded service between GBP60 and GBP54 was solved already with another discussion, but still contract shows GBP54.

Moreover for billing and payment, as what was agreed originally is GBP60, I paid GBP60, but VirginMedia charge late payment fee, also put some service limitation.

I would like to solve this issue also ask not to put any late payment charge also service limitation.


It was decided on 26th Aug by SISAS, and Virgin sent this message today.

On the other hand regardless timing I think Virgin did not  have to sent such message as I have paid from Apr properly.

Thank you for your reply. 

We would be happy to check the account and confirm that all actions have been put in place. 

To do this, I will just need to pop you over a private message to confirm a few details. This message will be available via the purple envelope on the top right of this page. 

Speak soon,



Virgin agreed to offer GBP 60 monthly after CISAS conclusion but again Virgin charge GBP 76 monthly and overdue with this GBP76.

Why it continues to happen ?

Virgin don't follow contract also CISAS conclusion.



I am so sorry to hear that you have yet to see this change on your package! 


I can see that you have a PM from one of our community staff, are you able to respond so they can continue to look into this with you? 


Thank you.