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Tuning in

My contract ran out in June. I responded to the renewal email and thought I had signed up to an 18 months contract at a reduced price. I’m still paying the higher price. 

I got another renewal email with an even lower price, so I responded to that.

I had a text yesterday telling me that the service was being cut off next month. 

How is is possible to be so utterly incompetent?


Super solver

"How is is possible to be so utterly incompetent?"

As Ronald Reagan once said, "you ain't seen nothing yet". 

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Forum Team (Retired)
Forum Team (Retired)

Hi edM2,

Thanks for your post and welcome back to the community.

Many apologies for the issues faced, can I ask did you receive confirmation of new contract being added?

Let us know,


I got emails with the Ts & Cs. I got no email about the cancellation, just a text. I spent over 2 hours on hold last week and eventually got it sorted. 

I don’t know who designed the customer care workflow and applications but they need replacing. 

We don't send email in regards to cancellations edM2, notification is sent in the form of a final bill. You can view your package and cost here, you will also receive a bill each month. The bill will include any promotional discounts currently on the account, they're value and the date they're due to expire outlining the package cost after they end. These can be viewed here.