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Impossible to get through to give notice of leaving

Tuning in

After 6 years, I'm cancelling VM. Well, I would if only I could get through. I have so far spent nearly 5 hours on calls that either got cut off, in chat bots.and on WhatsApp. Neither twitter (X) or filing a formal complaint was fruitful. 

The charge for a basic service is no longer competitive. £54 increasing to £74 a month is not good value. Our new Internet gives more than twice the speed for half the money. 

I have had to write to VM in the end to cancel. Is the sheer impossibility of getting through the new way to retain customers???

Direct Debit will be cancelled on the dot at the end of the 18 month contract. Can't wait. 



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @trudemclaren 👋

Welcome back to our Community Forums and thanks for your post. 

I am sorry to hear you're leaving us and for the poor experience trying to cancel your services. 

When did you send your letter?

I can't see we've received it yet.

Was it to the address advised 👉 here ?

Forum Team

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I can assure you the letter has been sent to the address that you advertise as the only other option to contact you to cancel. An email address in future  would be helpful. At least VM then can’t blame Royal Mail for mysteriously not receiving letters. 

In case VM wishes to not acknowledge that the letter has been received, please take this as my continued notice of cancellation at the end of my contract on 29th September. 


Aah I see. It it's just been delivered yesterday, the team will process that asap. 


Forum Team

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Hi Alysha, I both cancelled by phone on the 11th September, then on forum advice, by recorded signed for letter to the correct dress, they received that on the 12th and signed for it, but I have heard nothing. I have the 18 month contract expiring on the 23rd September, (today), the 30 days notice with expire either the 11th via phone, or 12th by letter. My new equipment will be installed within a week, (28th), but I wanted to make sure the new kit was working, so the 11th or 12th would be OK with me. The new supplier jumped the gun and transferred my land line on the 12th, and within hours, I had two alterations to my contract pushing my monthly payments by over £20. For the record, my contract last year was £58 pm, now, less the land line, £93 pm. Now I just want to be away. Why do you suppose VM have not confirmed my cancelations? or is that normal. It seems VM can act quickly when they are increasing your payments, but not acknowledging cancelations.

Judging from some posts on here, it does seem that VM’s procedure for acknowledging a cancelation is a bit vague, some claim they received an email conforming it, others claim they never. Some have said that in their portal, they see ‘pending account changes’ which seem to correlate with the cancellation date.

I’m afraid it’s a case of ‘your milage may vary’! Even if they don’t confirm the cancellation, that’s fine, they received your instructions to do so (as proven by the signed-for receipt), they don’t have to acknowledge it, as long as they action on the date concerned, then that’s all fine.

As regard the increase in monthly payment, that’s actually understandable - VM work on the basis that you might cancel the cancellation at any point up to the deadline date, so the billing process works on that assumption. Porting the number away, by necessity cancels the telephony part of your package - now doing this might remove a discount   hence the price goes up. The new price is indicative of what you will be paying each month if you decide to stay but without the telephony provision, if that makes any sense whatsoever?

Assuming that you don’t stay, then once the cancellation is actioned and you are disconnected in early October, then VM will generate a final bill, which may require you to pay them or them to refund you! It all depends on the dates of the billing cycle. Yes I know it all sounds a bit convoluted, but it is what it is. What I would suggest isn that you do not cancel the DD - if VM decide that you owe them (even 10p) and they can’t collect it, what they will do it add late payment fees, flag you as a defaulter and trash your credit rating. Not due to some act of revenge but rather it’s just how their automated systems work. So keep the DD in place, let VM take what they think they are owed, if the cancellation isn’t actioned, that’s when you can kick off to the regulator and demand compensation. But, for now, let’s work on the basis that it’ll all be OK!


Hi Yozzer


I will send you a private message now so we can clarify things for you.

Please look out for the purple envelope in the top right of the page and pop back to me when you can. 

Vikki - Forum Team

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Can you also send me some comms to confirm my instructions and your cancellation requirements from me. It’s all very vague. 

Hi @trudemclaren,

I'm very sorry, but I'm not entirely sure what you mean or what you're requesting. Would you mind clarifying, please?


Zach - Forum Team
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