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Impossible to cancel - will be reporting to Ofcom unless mods can help connect us to a human to sort this

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My flatmate has been trying to cancel our broadband for two days straight as she is moving out in 30 days but it is impossible to get hold of a human.

Yesterday we gave up after hours of failing to speak to anyone, and our demands to speak to managers are completely ignored. Calling is too expensive as we don’t have a Virgin phone so we are trying to do it by live chat. Today we have been shunted from department to department and after asking to speak to someone who could cancel it and waiting TWO hours for them, we finally were connected to someone just to be told immediately that we were speaking to the wrong department, and got put on hold again. WhatsApp has not responded after hours either. It doesn’t look like we’ll be able to cancel today which means we’re trapped paying for yet another day after we don’t want it anymore.

This is utterly ridiculous, as is evident by the current Ofcom investigation into these tactics I’ve discovered from other messages on here.

I was actually going to sign up to Virgin with my next flatmate because the internet has been fine with them but this is definitely making us change our minds and want to go with someone else.

Please, anyone at Virgin reading this, tell us how to reach a human to cancel. Thanks.


On our wavelength

OFCOM are useless.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi ShazEd, thanks for the message and sorry to hear that you have not been able to speak to us and our WhatsApp team will respond as soon as they can. 

we're also available to call on 0800 052 2164.  It will ask you to clarify your Virgin Media number initially, but then it will offer you an alternative of keying your Virgin Media account number, the options for the cancellations team would be 1, 4 and 4. Please give the team a call when the lines open at 8am.