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ID theft not accepted by Virgin Media

Tuning in

On 14th of December 2022, I informed Virgin Media (VM) that I am moving out of the property living at that time and where the services were provided. We agreed that they will charge me a minimum fee until I am moving into a new property. The fee was £33, taken by Direct Debit. On the 27th of January 2023 I got an email from VM saying the services will be disconnected on the 30th of January 2023. On 22nd of February I got an email asking for the return of the kit. At that moment I was not in UK so I asked them to give me a postal address to return the kit, but they refuse it saying it can only be returned by being collected by their staff. Obviously, that could not happen.

On the 12th of March another email came saying I need to pay £272.60 for early cancellation of the contract. It was followed by another one on the 13th of March demanding immediate payment.

On the 14th I called them and said I didn't cancel the services and was willing to carry on with the £33 payment. They said I called them and I cancelled the services. I strongly disagreed with that saying that someone must impersonated me in doing that, VM didn't accept this. The address where the services were provided is a pub, where my wife was a manager and I was a shift supervisor and we were living-in. My wife resigned and the new manager took over. I am confident that it was him or someone put by him to talk to VM and cancel my contract. They could know all details requested by VM because my employee file was in the pub office and from there, they could get the info needed to impersonate me.

I told VM that I will never pay the early cancelation fee and I kindly ask them to look into the matter. They completely refused to do that saying that I was the one who cancelled the contract.

Because I didn’t pay, they referred me to a debt collection agency, Moorcroft Debt Recovery. I talked with them and exchanged emails for a couple of months and they advised to try and discuss with VM, which I did on the 30th of June 2023. For that complaint I got a reference number C-3006231681. I never got an official reply from VM. I further talked to MDR and on 14th of September they sent an email saying they are not more involved in the matter as they consider the case having no merit.

VM just passed the so called debt to another agency, BPO Collections Ltd.

I talked to them and informed them about the situation and steps taken with VM. They will also investigate and make a decision.

However, on 02.10.2023 I talked again with VM without any result, they keep considering I cancelled the contract. Each time I talked to them I asked for a manager, but I was always refused. Regarding the matter of the fee, I talked with the on the following dates: 14.03.2023, 31.03.2023, 13.06.2023, 30.06.2023 and 02.10.2023

Also, in August, I told them that I have a new address and I would like to resume services, providing they will not carry on asking for the cancellation fee. I was told on the phone that they agree, and offered an installation day, doing a hard credit search. However, after a number of days they called me saying they cancelled my new installation because I have a debt to pay.

After all of these I simply cannot take this anymore and I have to take the matter further. I feel bullied, harassed and also my credit score went down because of VM.

The level of customer services provided by VM is appaling. Is the worst ever I experinced.



Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey radugm63, thank you for reaching out and I am so sorry to hear about this I understand this is very frustrating.

I have taken a look at our side and I can see you've been in contact about this and the team have given some advice.

However without clearing the debt on the old previous account you wouldn't be able to set a new account up without clearing this. I am so sorry if you was told this. 

I would look at what advice is on the letter for the collections agency and follow that they will be able to help with this. Cheers 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Hi Matthew_ML,

Thank you for your reply. However I don't know if you understood properly, if yes apologies. I do not have any debt towards VM as it was not me terminating the contract. This is a fact which VM doesn't want to accept, doesn't want to give me an official written reply or letting me talk with a person with power of decision.

I will never ever pay a fee for which I am not responsible, furthermore if VM continue to not talk to me I will have no option but go to court. I hope there is someone there in the company which see the sense about what I am complaining.

I got the service trough another member of the family.

Kind regards

We understand where you are  coming from however if the contract was in your name it does come under your responsibility we understand this isnt the news you wanted and we are sorry about this.

As mentioned it has been advised to you the next steps from the calls you've had with us. Cheers  

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

Ok, it seems I am talking with walls here as well. The company is delusional if they think I will ever pay something I am not responsible for. Where is the company's duty of care towards its customers? The sadest thing is that the company are so stubborn in their decision and they don't want to investigate at all. They definitelly have the recording of the conversation when the cancelation was made and they could analyse it and acknowledge is not me, also see the phone number from where the call was made not being mine.

If VM continue with this nonsense I will see them in court, where will not settle lightly.

Hi @radugm63 

Thanks for coming back to the thread.

I'll send you a PM now to assist further.

Best wishes.

Forum Team

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Tuning in

Thank you John_GS for helping fixing the problem. Here in the forum was the only place I got understanding and something being done.