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I want to cancel

Tuning in

I have just about had enough,  I'm paying £93 a month for my package and half the time it's not working, you lost my email, my broadband is rubbish and you switched me to o2 which has a worse signal than before, I am sick and tired of resetting my router every five minutes, I just want to cancel my contract and find a proper provider that can fulfil their promises without having to wait hours on the phone to talk to someone who can't deal with the problem 


Alessandro Volta

Are you in a minimum term with VM or out of a minimum term?

Trouble shooter

.. and as Virgin Mobile was already using O2, the signal is no different when you're moved to an O2 plan.

Forum Team
Forum Team

HI Binkey1,

Thank you for your post. I'm really sorry to hear you've been having a few issues as a customer with us and I can appreciate your frustration. 

Firstly, in regards to the broadbands, can you please expand further on what happens exactly? I've had a look this end and all of your power levels are normal and where they should be - no known issues on our end. Are wired and wireless devices affected?

In regards to your mobile coverage, we'd recommend taking a look here to see how your coverage is looking in your area and if there are any known issues with any of the local masts that could be causing issues. If you need further help from there, you will need to speak with O2 directly and they can assist further. Their general customer service number is 0344 809 0202.


Tuning in

I would love to leave Virgin Broadband - 9 months down with rubbish service, 9 months to go……..