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I want to cancel this has been a horrific experience

Joining in

Where do I start, the beginning guess.

I joined on the 27th of July as the maxit package with free xbox series s seem great.

Sky sports HD and tnt sports ultra HD with WiFi and weekend calls for £65 was very appealing indeed.

However on the 17th of August I added a sim card and volt to that package quoted  new price of £75 and was happy.

fast forward 16 hours of live chat, 2 hours phone calls and 22 hours of WhatsApp messaging to rectify constant mistakes to this day.

I have been told the deal didn't go through or that I didn't even apply despite the contract being sent on 17th from virgin media to my email.

I had to chase up the sim them told it wasn't sent, I had reorder it on the 6th of Sept through live chat.

I received no email from o2 or virgin, the sim arrived but no email to activate from o2 but many hours of chat I find that it wasn't registered for volt that the dim had been processed wrong and a typo in my email address sent to o2.

I was told they could rectify this for me and eventually told I would need to contact o2 and give my correct email address even though it was virgin who gave it.

Anyway I was informed from another agent they transfered me to on live chat that volt wasn't active but they could help me with that.

They proceeded to tell me volt was active now and they read out a new TV package, never sent me any by email never asked if I wanted this or that my package would now be dearer and contain less, no contract was discussed just proceeded to tell me my new package with 350mps broadband

I constantly 3 times let the agent know that I did not want to lose tnt sports and was told my package would remain the same 3 times.

The chat ended and afterward I checked my package on TV and Boom no TNT sports.

The agent had changed my package without permission without giving me details ,without telling me I would be paying more for less, I had not agreed with this.

I called vm and 30 mins later gor through to an agent who was adamant my package hadn't changed, I told her what I could see in my account.

She said my package was £75, which was £65 and £10 sim, she said I could check this and as the package was taken from today TNT sports would not be added until tomorrow.

I decided to check while on the phone and it did show I had TnT sports, it also stated that they would be charging more and a partial payment for this month despite me paying 2 months in advance on August the 29.

I questioned this she asked me to hold, came back 10 mins later asked me to hold again, then the call dropped exactly at 6pm.

I went on live chat today waited 2 hour nothing, decided to call in queue for 35 mins connected then call ended, called again waited 45mins agent listened to me and said "I'm not going to lie your whole package looks a mess I can't see what you've got, they asked if I had been told in chat I had weekend calls then reviewing the chat I could see none of that was mentioned, he asked me to check my new contract and couldn't as I didn't get sent one.

He asked what my original package was as it wouldn't show on his system, he placed me on hold a few times and  came back was curious apologised for the mess and was looking into it and would place me on silent hold and 5 mins later after being on the call 117 mins the call was  dropped.

Nobody attempted to call me back so after 10 mins I called back and after 35mins in a queue the call center auto message played saying to call back as they were closed.

I have no idea of my new package detail or how much the cost is, the one I never agreed to in the first place, I do know that they want me to pay £95 next payment date for partial month and next month even though I paid £130= £65 ×2 on 29th of August for 2 months in advance........absolute robbery I'm not going to call again or go on live chat the ball is in your court.

I want TNT sports back the contract I agreed with you less than 2 months ago or volt when it was agreed back in August which the contract I recieved did not remove TnT sports.

I will not be paying partial payment when you've had this month in advance.

It is in you best interest to contact me as I will be cancelling my direct debit with you with a view to cancel my entire 18 month contract with you, I do not expect to pay cancellation fees as you broke the contract not me.

I've been lied to on a daily basis.

If you reinstate my original contract or the contract I agreed with volt on the 17th August that fine. You are not charging me twice for one and month and you're not depriving me of the one thing I signed up for after less than 2 months.

You've made me air the dirty laundry as you have provided me no email despite me requesting it on each call to be able to send you the entire WhatsApp conversation and emailed contracts on the 17th of August. 

It is a full time job contacting you to speak about mistake after mistake.

I'm very Irate