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I've been billed too much, how can I fix it? Can't get ahold of anyone.

New customer here, not had first bill yet.

Agreed monthly bill was £47.99 (for the first 18 months)

One-off activation charge of £35.00 was added, so first bill should be £82.99

Future bills should be £47.99

I upgrade my TV package today via Live Chat, the agreed new monthly bill was £56.49

I receive an email afterwards stating that my new monthly bill is £88.50 and that my first bill will be £223.78??!! 

I go back to Live Chat, after a long wait they pass me on to the Billing Team, and that's it, chat goes dead.

So, is this my future with VM? Being billed too much and having no one around to fix it?

We are currently a one-income household (NHS) who switched to VM from SKY to try to save some money and they want to charge us more per month than we agreed on and also sting us with a £223.78 first bill?!

Will I have better luck on the phone in the morning?

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