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I need to downgrade my package, is it considered urgent enough?

Hi all,

I have, as of yesterday, been advised that I must take a pay cut with no option of furlough. With that in mind, I'm paying out the nose for a VIP package that I won't be using as football season is also out. Is it considered urgent enough for me to call to have my package downgraded? I don't want to stop an urgent call going through, but at the same time I'm being charged for something I don't use. I've just only reached my end of contract (and subsequently the discount I was receiving) so I'm now paying full whack.

Also, I never received any correspondence from Virgin advising of the option to freeze the sports channels, this would seem quite sneaky to me. Did anyone receive this?

Edit: also something else I needed to add. I never once managed to get Sky Sports working on my phone. Every time I tried to watch something it just never started. I contacted Virgin, who told me to contact Sky, who told me to contact Virgin and then I gave up. I waited for updates of the app, still never worked. Just tried it now and received this error:


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Re: I need to downgrade my package, is it considered urgent enough?

Sorry to hear about your work laying you off like that 😞 urgent is if you have a fault or in your case a billing issue, I'd definitely call if you're going to be in financial difficulty. You can also pause your Sky Sports online which will take off £27/month. It's not much but it's still a saving. However you can definitely call to look into your package to prevent further worry for yourself!

** I work for VirginMedia but all opinions posted here are my own.