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I need a way to complain before i lose it

Joining in

Couldn't find an actual place to put this but this situation is affecting my mental health and I'm so close to breaking down.

So I was with virgin about 10 years, recently their prices were getting insanely high and I struggle talking to people because of my aspergers and anxiety, thankfully UK law from Ofcom helps because they say companies need to make reasonable adjustment and have other lines of communication for people. But virgin is above all of that because you have to talk to some of the rudest most horrible people on the phone.

I digress, I get worked up thinking about how badly every dealing with virgin makes me feel.

So back to the price gouging of a vulnerable customer. 

I tried to phone up, multiple times, and after waiting for over an hour each time I had to go off the phone due to other commitments. But then one day I finally get through and I explain I can't afford to pay £72 a month for the worst service, I.e they are charging new customers half the price for twice the speed I am getting. Person on the phone doesn't care.

I explain because of recent sickness I am out of work waiting for a hospital appointment to get a diagnosis, they don't care. I say how I have aspergers and how challenging it was for me to phone, you guessed it, they didn't care. I say how I can't afford to pay for electric or gas at the moment so a stupid £72 for Internet is seriously too much, yep not a single piece of empathy or sympathy was given. I explain how we just found out my partner was pregnant and we had 6 weeks till the baby was born, he's been born now and is gorgeous, they still didn't care.

End result of the call, they demand I still stay with virgin for a month and then pay the £72. No option of a payment plan or anything just rudeness and making me feel like they didn't care about the customer at all, I am just a paycheck. But because of the baby prep we weren't even in the house that month, check my usage you'll see I had unplugged all the virgin stuff after that call. I even had explained that during the call.

Since then we've had rude and inconsiderate virging thugs coming round to collect the router. I do mean thugs because they bang at the door, disturbing the baby and then act incredibly rude to who ever answers, I came home to my partner in tears from how they spoke to her.

But there is no way to complain, no one to talk to and no one at virgin has any caring or thought for anyone else from my experience.

My next step after this is using all this information to contact ofcom because it doesn't feel as though virgin will do anything but demand the money I don't have for a service I didn't use.


Joining in

Also my package was the basic tv and phone with 125mbps of speed. I never wanted or used the tivo but was told I'd have to pay more if I didn't take it.

Alessandro Volta

VM's cancellation processes are sufficiently poor that OFCOM has been investigating them

A part of that investigation will doubtless be how easy it is to contact VM to put through a cancellation.

Case ref. no. and an email at the bottom of the above page or submit with same info via the contact form

Submitting information won't help your individual complaint but it will contribute to the OFCOM investigation and it sounds like your experience is directly relevant to the terms of reference of the investigation.

When you close down a VM account you have to give VM 30 days notice. Your payments (and VM's routine billing) carry on, as per normal, right up until the day of disconnection.

Once you are disconnected, you should shortly after receive a final bill which is the balance on the account. If you are in debit, you pay that off and leave VM. If you are in credit VM should refund you.

Have you now managed to close down your VM account?

Is the main issue in your post a dispute about having to pay for the last 30 days of the service?

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person

Whether you use VM's services or not is immaterial, but if you have a contract for service provision then it's as much your obligation to pay your regular subscription as it is VM's to provide those services.

Are you saying that you fell behind on your monthly payments? Or that you tried giving disconnection notice but that it wasn't actioned?

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I think it was partly because they had just raised my prices again for the 4th time in as many months. The lack of even a semblance of staff training in these situations, how I explained best I could the situation but they didn't transfer me to a place to sort out a payment plan. How I was treated with disdain and had one person straight up hang up on me after I waited an hour and a half. It took me a week before I was able to actually get anyone to action the disconnection request. And like I say the way the virgin people are banging at the door like they are trying to break it down which distresses the baby.

I find it very hard to be able to phone up anywhere because of past traumas and the way my head goes. I'm on meds and seeing a counsellor but still struggle with it every day. At the point I was trying to get through to them I was already feeling very low and like the world was closing in and this massive sense of foreboding. Every experience I've had with them have been the same. My partner tried to phone them for me but even with me saying I gave them permission to sort things out the service people said only I could do it. 

I wish I could explain everything better but I feel useless and I just want it all to be over. 

Alessandro Volta

So is your current situation that you have cancelled your VM account, the equipment has been collected but you still owe an outstanding balance on the account?