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I’m being billed for services disconnected

Joining in

Hi can anyone help . 
I had my services blocked due to non payment 2 months ago . About 11 weeks .

Im being billed each month it’s off over £100.

I was asked to pay £122 to get services back on , which I did yesterday. Leaving £55 carried forward . 
I get an email saying all this , and my services will be back on in 3 hours.

Today I find it’s not back on , I look online why , it’s because the telephone says I owe another amount over £100 for august .

my account in the app says I’m up to date . Same as the email .

this is absolutely shocking . 
nobody else on this planet treats their customers like this . 
I’ve raised a complaint , doubt I’ll hear anything back . 
In the mean time , im being billed for services that are blocked . 
Another bill will be generated soon .