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I can't e-mail a complaint direct?!!

I've tried several formats to raise a complaint...this is my 3rd attempt. Not on the right format and not short and sweet as requested but I haven't been left with any other options!!

I am contacting you to complain as my broadband service is highly unreliable and the functionality of the equipment is simply not acceptable. 

To explain in more detail, several issues have niggled me since we moved to our new house in Feb 2016. I entered a new contract with yourselves as (what I thought) an agreed package value. Since then I've incurred at least 2 price hikes as you've introduced new HD channels and 'improved' your TV services. I didn't request the additional HD channels yet as a company you decided to factor this in by charging me for the privilege.

The box response when using the remote control is excessively slow, this has always been a problem and an annoyance. 

Over the last 2/3 months the WiFi strength and signal to the upper areas of the house have been getting progressively worse, causing issues using the computers, accessing and using Netflix etc. Please note, there are no additional electronics been bought or being used within the house (everything running off the broadband is, as was).

This progressive reduction in service seems to have escalated within the last few weeks. We've had 3 occasions (that I'm aware of) where we have lost WiFi and TV connection completely. This has been re-instated within a few hours but the ongoing issues (signal strength, speed and stability) has now caused us to reach a point where we can no longer rely upon your products and service.

I would like to know: 
1) How can you justify charging customers for the increased channels in 'fixed term' packages when they've not been specifically requested?

2) What the terms are for us to leave Virgin Media as you aren't providing the service I'm paying for?

3) If there will be any offer of compensation for the reliability issues stated above and more recently the complete loss of service?

I would like all contact relating to this matter to be made via e-mail as I would like a paper trail for anything concerning this complaint.




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Re: I can't e-mail a complaint direct?!!

Good luck with that.

Whenever there is a price increase you have the right to cancel without penalty.

The old Tivo box is struggling to cope these days, if you search the "Slow Tivo" threads you will find suggestions on how to get a temporary improvement, but the only long term fix at present is to upgrade to a V6 box. I agree this should be free as the old box is not fit for purpose, but again, good luck with that.

There are many things that could be causing your wifi to degrade. One is a faulty SHub, but others can include conflict with your neighbours wifi channels. I suggest downloading a free wifi analyser app and checking for levels and conflicts. Do you have poor performance on both 2.4G and 5G ?

With luck one of the VM forum team will pick up this thread and check your service and comment on technical issues, but I doubt they could offer compensation or discuss options for cancellation etc. If you want written answers to points 1to 3 you would be best to use VM postal address. Could take some time.

Wish you well in your endeavour, and good luck.
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Forum Team
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Re: I can't e-mail a complaint direct?!!

Hello there Kym1,

Thanks for joining the community Smiley Happy

Really sorry to hear how dissatisfied you are with your services, I want to help as much as I can. I've checked your connection and nothing obvious is standing out in error so we will need to perform diagnostics to be able to pin point the fault. Can I ask if you're having trouble with wireless or hard-wired connections? Can you provide some speed test results?

With regards to your package and price, the best thing to do is to ring up and speak to our Customer Relations department on 150 free from a VM landline or 0345 454 1111 and they'll be able to make any changes to your subscription.

Please get back to us so we can help further with your technical problems.

Take care.


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