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I am losing my mind with VM customer service

Joining in

This is taking all of my energy to write but I am running out of options and just hoping that someone on this team has some humanity and will take pity on my plight and actually help me.

A VERY shortened version of events.

- Contacted VM in May about end-of-contract package change as prices went up hugely
- Spent hours across multiple days trying to get a new package agreed, passed through multiple departments, communication channels, whatsapp chats, each person saying something completely different to the last person.
- Eventually managed to get a new package agreed with a VM employee via Whatsapp on May 15th, I have this in writing that the new package has been processed and would take effect from June 16th.
- No further communication from VM since this date
- Checked account a few days ago, package has not changed, had an email with another huge bill for the old package being rolled over
- Tried multiple methods to get through to Virgin again but whatsapp is just an endless wait, phone rings for hours and then the call just drops
- This is causing me anxiety and migraines.

I literally just want the package I agreed a month ago but I know I'm going to have to go through another few days of hell of unsupported VM staff telling me lies and impossible things just to get me off their queue and into another person's.

Can someone on this team please take ownership of this and help me without passing me back into the completely broken world of Virgin customer contact. I have screenshots of the full conversation I can send to show you this package was fully agreed and I was told it was processed. You will also have this in your own transcripts anyhow, if you keep them!

How this level of service is even legal is beyond me.

Please, please help! I'm in complete despair over this!




Alessandro Volta

I've flagged your post for a staff response.  The outcome here should be a reasonable goodwill payment (I'd suggest at least £100), putting you on the agreed deal, and refunding the difference back to the date it should have become effective. 

Let the forum staff see if they can sort this out (sadly they're used to picking up the pieces from VM's fundamentally broken customer services), and hopefully all will be resolved.  If you don't get all of those, then say so and we'll guide you through the slow but highly effective process of taking a complaint to the industry adjudicator, CISAS (which in broad brush terms VM always lose, and cost VM a fortune).

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi soverytired

Thanks for posting and welcome to the community. I am sorry for the experience about the package change. From a system check, I can see you've spoke to the team already since posting and sorted this out. My apologies again for the experience however. I shall have it fed back.

Kind regards,

Forum Team

Need a helpful hand to show you how to make a payment? Check out our guide - How to pay my Virgin Media bill


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hey soverytired, thank you for reaching out and I am really sorry about any stress and upset this package change has caused you. We'd never want our customers to feel this way.

Please do remember we charge a month in advance, so this could be a pro rota charge.

For example if you change you bill half way through you billing period you would pay part of your old bill and new bill.

However not worry, I am going to send you a PM so we can look into this for you.

Please do keep an eye out for the purple envelope. Thanks 

Matt - Forum Team

New around here?

I am sad to report that this saga is still ongoing. After all of this I finally got the package sorted with a chap in the retentions team in Manchester who gave me his direct Virgin mobile number. However, he had told me that he had shipped new TV and Wifi boxes to me. After a week or so, the boxes had not arrived so I contacted him again and he assured me that they had definitely been shipped and would arrive. I waited another week or so and still nothing, so I messaged him again. He then spent over a week reading and completely ignoring my messages. Well it turns out now that he has blocked my mobile after promising me that he would be the only person I would need to speak to about this. 

Can someone PLEASE help me sort this out? This saga has now been dragging on for months and I'm so sick and tired of constantly having to fight with Virgin media. I literally just want the boxes I have been promised.

Hi there @soverytired


I am so sorry to hear that this issues has been ongoing and thank you for updating us. 


I can see that you have been in a PM with one of my colleagues, are you able to pop back to them so they can continue to look into this with you?


Thanks again. 

@Ashleigh_C I have sent a message via DM. Please can you respond.

@soverytired Since the forum staff have had the chance and still not resolved this, you might want to consider how to force the company to comply, and that's what I'll describe below.  In the first place, your legal rights are crystal clear - information provided by a company verbally or written is binding if the consumer relies upon it when entering a contract (Consumer Rights Act 2015), so VM have to honour whatever was promised, whether they like it or not.  

The next step on the formal escalation route is to read the Virgin Media Complaints guidance.  If you decide things have been going on for quite long enough and you do want to raise a formal complaint, my suggestion is to use either the online form in My Virgin Media, or donkey post with recorded delivery.  Phone or chat options will just get you dealing with the same people who've already failed to sort this out, so I recommend against those.

In the complaint, demand that as per your legal rights the company honour what was promised, that this be backdated to the original requested date, and that company provide compensation of at least £100 for the failure to implement an agreed deal, and for the repeated failures to address this when it didn't happen.  State that if the company can't honour its agreement and resolve the matter on your terms, you will escalate to the industry arbitration scheme CISAS as soon as permitted by the rules.  In the meanwhile, don't do anything daft like stopping your direct debit, that'll be recorded as a credit default, and opens up whole new realms of difficulty for you.  Don't worry if VM contact you claiming that they couldn't get hold of you, so will close the complaint if they don't hear to the contrary, this doesn't stop you being able to take the matter further.

Maybe the complaint will be professionally handled and resolved on terms that meet your request.  Reports in this forum (and my personal experience) are that VM complaint handling is poor, and on that basis I'm suspicious you'll get some fob-off letter and at best a derisory offer of compensation. If that happens you reply to the resolution rejecting it and asking for a "deadlock letter".  With the deadlock letter you ask CISAS to review your case and resolve it.   Explain the background and request that VM be required to give you the promised deal, fully backdated, and add on a request for compensation for the repeated failures to resolve, and additionally for the poor complaint handling.  

Thanks a lot for the helpful advice and info. I will definitely be going down this route if I have any more issues with this. Willing to wait and see if the forum team are going to be helpful first - no messages yet!