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How to get into my Virgin Media account when I do not have access to my email or my phione?


My computer caught 3,000 viruses which I detected early October. The password for my emails was on a password store which I immediately deleted. So I do not know the password to my emails. The emails may or may not be compromised I do not know whether the password store was compromised before I deleted it, but I suspect not. I have not seen my old email account since 13 October.

I do not trust my phone, when I asked for a security code to setup a new email account, it took 40 seconds to arrive. So I asked for another security code and I got the same security code back which should not happen. I repeated the experiment 2 more times and got the same code two more times.

While I was reporting this over MS Teams to my manger at work. The call log for my phone was deleted before my eyes and 20 minutes later the SIM went dead.

So I do not have access to my email or my phone. How can I log into my account?

Also I cannot get a new email account at least one with two factor authentication, at least I am not sure my next SIM will not be hacked too as soon as i try.

I have a work email and I would like to be able to look at my Virgin account using that but I do not know who to talk to to go about achieving this. All the usual help portals are either automated or dead due to Covid-19 lock down closing the call centres.

P.S. I tried phoning 150 on Monday and Tuesday this week 23/24 Nov, both times the automatic response said they would reboot my router and my router never rebooted.
I have rebooted the router manually myself. Will this have the same effect as Virgin rebooting the router remotely?

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Re: How to get into my Virgin Media account when I do not have access to my email or my phione?

Hi RobinMurison,


Thanks for your post and for reaching out to the Community Forums. Sorry to hear that you have been having computer and viral issues. Have you been able to resolve the viral issues and get them removed? Once you do that you can try the forgot password option retrieve and change the password for your online accounts.



Corey C

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