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How to escalate a complaint and report an agent?

Before I get into it, I'd like help escalating a complaint. Does anyone know how to go about it? Customer services staff are refusing to escalate the complaint and will only close it as resolved. 

I've contacted Virgin Media a few times in the past week trying to report a fault with my modem. I was expecting to receive some help from the customer services team, but all I got back has been hundreds of minutes of bullying

I never thought a company as big as Virgin Media would allow staff to be unfriendly and rude to customers. It's not like I have a terrible reputation or been rude with staff previously, I'm a new customer, and I've been with Virgin Media for no longer than one month.

The Broadband Package: Virgin Media M100 Fibre Broadband ( 100MB 2G & 5G)

The problem: My devices (mobile, laptop, washing machine, tv, amazon Alexa, lights bulbs, etc.) keep disconnecting from the Wi-Fi and every other day, I need to restart the modem. Not the main reason for the complaint, but I also have broadband issues, mostly with speed ranging from 12MB to 70MB.

The Drama: I contacted customer services after some help with the issue a week ago. The first attendant wasn't so helpful, but I believe he tried his best. 

The second suggested running some tests and many modem restarts, but the "solution" was to wait for 48h to get all up and running. It didn't work. 

So I've contacted VirginMedia again. This time, they told me the problem was me. I had too many devices connected to my Wi-Fi, and these were using too much Broadband disconnecting other devices... I tried explaining Wi-Fi and Broadband are two completely different things. Broadband is a type of internet connection given by your internet service provider. Wi-Fi is a technology and one of the means of connecting to Broadband to access the internet. But I was told I was wrong, confirmed by the Virgin Media expert... I know, very frustrating. Did I mention I work with IT?

My complaint was closed and marked resolved. Resolution - SOLVED, as per email. I didn't understand what was going on. I've then contacted Virgin Media again. This time I tried explaining in more details what I explained before, maybe I'd get lucky, and someone would listen... they didn't. 

I was then told I download too much and have too many devices connected to my Wi-Fi and that was the problem. At this point, I was pretty tired and frustrated, so I've asked about the Virgin Media cancellation procedure. The angry and rude staff member said I used too much of the Broadband, and as per my contract, I can connect a maximum of 5 devices to the Wi-Fi. 

She continued saying that's why I cannot connect my devices to the Wi-Fi, and I have no other choice but to pay the cancellation fee or upgrade my Broadband to get it sorted. 

The question, Do I need to upgrade my plan to be able to connect my devices? I was shocked! 

I've asked the angry and rude staff member to send me a copy of the most updated version of the terms and conditions of my contract with Virgin Media. She wasn't happy but told me I'd receive an email in 2 hours. 

I read the whole document. 

To my surprise, it clearly states: "If the actual download speed provided from our network to your Virgin Media Hub falls below the Minimum Guaranteed Download Speed, and this happens for 3 consecutive days or more (whether continuously or intermittently during each day), and we are unable to fix the problem within 30 days of you reporting the problem to us, you may have the right to end your agreement without paying an Early Disconnection Fee." 

Regarding Traffic Management, it states: "We don't use traffic management, meaning you can download and upload as much as you like without traffic management slowing you down. The exception to this is for customers that have agreed to a limit on their broadband usage."

Regarding the number of devices, I can connect to the Wi-Fi... no mention at all. 

She was not only wrong, but she also lied. My complaint was once again closed with the exact resolution - RESOLVED. 

I then tried once again calling Virgin Media customer services. This time I spent 46 minutes with the attendant, who not only disagreed with all I've said, raised his voice many times, interrupted me and finally refused to escalate the call. My partner saw my frustration and tried to reason with the agent, who once again was extremely rude and refused to look into it further or escalate the complaint. 

So, that's it. I appreciate it if someone can assist me with this one. I want to get the matter resolved and report the behaviour of these agents. 

Thanks in advance. 


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Re: How to escalate a complaint and report an agent?

The hubs are not very good, it might be easier to buy a better WiFi system than to spend hours dealing with VM

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Re: How to escalate a complaint and report an agent?

Hi KJJones,


Thanks for posting and welcome to our community 🙂


I'm sorry to hear of the broadband issues you've been having, and that the complaint has not been resolved to your satisfaction or escalated as asked.


So I can help, I'll need a few more details from you, I've popped you over a private message (purple envelope, top right hand corner)


Get back to me when you can.



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