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How to cancel my additional box

I need to cancel my additional v6 box, which is in a bedroom but still keep the master v6 box in the living room as this year I have to watch my money.

How do I go about it 

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Re: How to cancel my additional box

Simply call 0345 454 11 11 (150 if you have a Virgin Landline or Mobile) and speak to someone in Retentions by following the options 1,1,4,4 - they'll be able to remove it and possibly provide a discounted service (if you haven't already got one). If you do take a new offer then you might possibly be put into an 18 month contract term so best ensure it's definitely within range of your finances to prevent putting yourself in a worse situation, if you decide to just remove the box you'll either save £7.50 or £2.50 depending if the box is discounted by a £5 credit.

Recommended call time is at 8am as to avoid any queues and get it sorted ASAP.

** I work for VirginMedia but all opinions posted here are my own.