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How to activate Netflix subscription via Virgin

Tuning in

Hi All,


I recently renewed my contract with Virgin and it comes with Netflix. Its been about 2 weeks now and I still haven't received anything on how to activate my subscription via Virgin.

Can anyone help me figure what to do?


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I am really sorry vgaj.  

I am going to send you a quick private message, so I can take a closer look on you behalf. 



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Rising star

You have to wait for an email with a link..

You may have to wait some time , I have been waiting nearly 4 months.

There are many people with this problem which will see if you look through these threads.

Join the club..

That doesn't seem fair or right. Surely if we are paying monthly for the service we should be given it from the start of the service/contract. My friends and family all got their activation email within 3 days of signing their new contracts too

Yes it's been a complete farce , with no official explantion from VM.

Nobody seems to have any idea in what order etc the emails are being sent !

Hi vgaj, 

Thanks for your post and it's great having you back in the Community with us. 

We're sorry to hear you've not yet been able to activate your Netflix. Can you please check your spam and junk folders to ensure the email hasn't gone in to there?

If it's not there, when logging in to My VM here do you get the Netflix tile?

Pop back and let us know. 


Forum Team

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When logging in via the link you sent I do not see anything related to netflix.

When I log into the My Virgin Media app on my phone it is there, I can click on it then click Manage Netflix, which takes me to the website with a blank page.

Hi vgaj, thanks for getting back to us.

Sorry that that you've still not been able to register for Netflix. Are you able to try logging into My Virgin Media via a web browser?  And if possible, deleting your browsing history before trying?  Please do let us know how this goes?



I have 

"View package", "update settings", "latest bill",

"Service status", "refer a friend", "sign in to mobile", "upgrade package", "get help", "virgin TV edit".

Under view package there is no Netflix either. 

This is via Google Chrome browser on a machine that's never been used to log into my virgin media account. 



I am really sorry vgaj.  

I am going to send you a quick private message, so I can take a closer look on you behalf. 



Tuning in

Just incase anyone else is having the same issue, it turned out for me that my new contract start date (the contract that includes netflix) started much later than when I signed.

A few days after the start of my new contract I got the email from virgin media to transfer my netflix subscription.

So double check the start date for your contract!