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How to I reduce my choice of packages?

I am no longer in a contract. I am currently paying for the (TV) Big Kahuna Bundle, (Broadband) VIVID 200 Optical Fibre and the Home telephone line. My monthly bill is £94 something each month.

I no longer wish to pay for the Big Kahuna Bundle, nor for the telephone rental. I am in 2 minds as to whether I need the full 200mb broadband. (May consider 100mb is sufficient)

So, I log into My Virgin Media account on the web, expecting to be able to 'manage' my account and choose which packages to 'reduce'. (Due to the current Lockdown, the customer services helpline  0345 454 1111 has over an hour's wait - and after 2 hours of constant ringing, finally gave up)

The vm web site has a link to 'Changing your services' and invites me to log into My Virgin Media account page. 'The Log in to change package' only has links to Upgrade NOT downsize.

I do not want to leave VM as the broadband is the best available at this time.

So, any ideas how I might be able to remove the TV and phone line packages, while retaining my broadband? No matter where I pick up a link from, to change my package(s), I am taken back to My Virgin Media account page which only refers to upgrades?

Any advice would be welcome



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Re: How to I reduce my choice of packages?

You could well find that, with bundle discounts, that it's cheaper to reduce the level of your TV service to "mixit" but otherwise keep it - also the new bundles which you'd be moved to with any change, include phone rental as standard so I doubt you'd make much/any saving by disconnecting that. Landline certainly carries quite a bit of bundle discount, too.

A quick play with "build your bundle" - M200 is £50/month by itself, but only £51 with a phoneline. Again, discounts may change this.

It doesn't alter the answer though - package changes can't be done online, you will need to call Virgin C/S to discuss this.

150 from a VM phone, or 0345 4541111 from any other phone. Choose options for "adding and removing services" or "thinking of leaving us"

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