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How to Get In touch? (Moving in 4 days!)

I get the timing is terrible so lets skip that,  Due to a major issue in the House I have to leave asap. Fortunately I have found somewhere and I am moving this weekend. 

However My Services are still active, I have spent the last 2 days on the phone trying to get through but I am on hold for exactly 55 minutes and then the line is cut off.  This happens everytime I call (Five times today).

I have filled out the moving form but I have had no information back from them at all. I get they are short staffed. 

My issue is I am going to be paying for services at a property I am not at whilst moving into a property without any services for the foreseeable future but still be paying because absolutely no one is available to speak to me. 

Moving & Leaving Departments are just shut all together, Ive managed to get on hold to discuss my package but thats it and it always cuts off after 55 minutes. 

What options do I have for contacting them and arrange what is now looking to be terminating my account. 

I have replied to various emails in my inbox from them to try and get through to someone but I am not hearing anything back at all.  

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