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How to Cancel contact, can't get through

Guys, I only have just had broadband installed a few days ago and need to cancel it. Been trying so hard to get through to customer services but get cut off after 60 minutes using my mobile. Same with a land-line, you only get 60 minutes then you start getting charged. Been looking for days for alternative ways of contacting them like email & online chat. It's impossible to get through. Would anyone know if there is a way of getting through to the them any quicker? 


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Alessandro Volta
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Re: How to Cancel contact, can't get through

Hi Stuckindoors,

In the event you cannot get through you can always post a letter in to give your notice of cancellation to the following address: Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA

Please do so via recorded delivery for record and proof related purposes. This route will get your cancellation through safely and the only delay is a day or so of postal travel time.