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How do you actually cancel this service?

Tuning in

It's absolutely scandalous how hard it is to cancel your service.

I haven't got the time or the inclination to spend an hour on hold, how have we got to the point where that is considered acceptable service? Even when you finally get through to someone, all they'll do is insist on putting you through to retentions - after more time on hold - even if you clearly state you don't want a new deal.

How have we reached a point where you want to cancel a paid service and the company won't accept your instructions and instead argue with you about it? Let alone the amount of people that seem to get 'cut off' before the cancellation can be processed.

There's a 'live chat' option, except the button doesn't work. Tried on three different browsers. Nothing happens.

I've been trying to cancel via Whatsapp since 29th August. Over and over. You go through the bot, answer all the security questions, confirm you want to cancel at least four times, then you wait. And wait. And wait. Nine or ten hours later you get the 'end of day bot' saying they're closing for the day. And despite assuring you all messages are recorded, somehow that doesn't translate to them carrying over your request because lo and behold, the next morning the entire conversation has been 'forgotten'. So you start the cycle again and never ever get your request processed.

They offer a phone call centre that won't accept your cancellation request, a live chat that can't be opened and a whatsapp option where all requests are ignored. And of course, no option to contact them by email because then they wouldn't be able to put all these barriers to accepting your request.

I temporarily added an extra channel to my package for a month. To get it, all I had to do was press a couple of buttons on my remote. To remove it, well you just can't can you? So I'm stuck paying for it even though I've been trying to get rid of it for half a month now.

I can't wait to move to Sky. I doubt I'll ever use Virgin again.



Alessandro Volta

Cancel by post using a signed-for first class delivery service to give your 30 days notice

Tuning in

 Thanks, but why should I have to do that though? I didn't have to spend money on recorded delivery letters to set it up or add channels to my package. Even if they receive the letter, doesn't mean they'll process it and in the meantime my contract gets renewed and payments get taken. Then the onus is back on me to contact them again.

The very fact you're suggesting that I would have take such measures in the first place shows how utterly appalling and completely unacceptable Virgin's processes are.


Cancel by letter is the 10 mins option. The other is days wasted on the phone. Your call.

It would take me longer than ten minutes to hand write a letter as I don't have a printer. Putting aside my somewhat awful handwriting, I've then got to go make a journey to the post office, queue there, pay for it be sent etc. If you can do all that in ten minutes then I'm impressed.

If you're happy to accept jumping through hoops on behalf of Virgin then great, but you're just legitimising their awful business practices. I'm not up for doing that.

Alessandro Volta

Well, you seem to have spent a great deal of time so far trying to cancel via other means and not achieved very much.

Nobody who replies regularly on here will dispute VM's abysmal customer services, especially in regard to cancelling which is why OFCOM is currently investigating that aspect of the VM business. You should share your cancellation experience with the OFCOM investigation.

A first class letter carries a certain legal weight, I believe, as being 'served' on the recipient two working days after posting. So if you really want to save on the cost of the 'signed-for' bit, just get a 'proof of posting' receipt. The signed-for service gives you a date/time of proof of delivery from an independent third party, Royal Mail, which makes it far harder for VM to wriggle out of the instruction.

There are no guarantees VM can't/won't mess up a cancellation by letter but there will be a paper-trail if they try to delay the process and you had to escalate further to arbitration. The general feedback on here is that it is one of the more reliable means to cancel with no further interaction with VM being required.

Add in the time you have spent posting on here to complain about the cancellation process, and the time already wasted on the phone, and your letter could be on its way by now to give your 30 days notice.

You can also try 'Live Chat' which sometimes appears on the cancellation page linked above and the other means such as WhatsApp and text are at the end of this topic


Ordered a replacement internet service yet ?

I would do that and get it fully operational with all my kit before cancelling the current VM service.

Very Insightful Person
Very Insightful Person


You've been advised of the various accepted cancellation methods by other posters.

Yes they are all time consuming, however try calling first thing on a morning, around 8am when lines first open and are least busy and the call should be picked up pretty quickly/ Options 1,4, and 4 (retentions - thinking of leaving)

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