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How do i give my notice to disconnect from VM

I've just spent one of the worst 10 minutes of my life on the phone to VM customer services and i'm fuming right now. The agent simply ignored everything i said for the whole period of time, it was incredibly rude and disrespectful. She point blank refused to escalate the call to a manager and threatened me with court action etc if i simply stopped the direct debit that pays my bill.

Having waited 15 mins on hold, plus ten minutes talking to the worst CS agent ever, i was told i would have to wait another 30-40 minutes to speak to disconnections.

On what planet is this acceptable? I'm assuming this run-around is a customer retention technique on VM's part!

Can somebody please help me leave VM ASAP



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Re: How do i give my notice to disconnect from VM

Either wait for the forum team to work through to your post (in a few hours / days) to see how they can help or consider the following options:

  • make Ofcom aware of the issue by filling in their monitoring form here: Tell Ofcom.
  • Virgin Media's Terms and conditions (under section N, point 1.2) state ending the agreement in writing can be made to the following address:
    Virgin Media Sales Operation Support
    Diamond Plaza
    Daleside Road
    NG2 3GG

    Be aware of early cancellation charges if still within the minimum contract period

    Use a postal service that provides confirmation of delivery, for instance Royal Mail's Recorded Delivery service; 30 days notice period starts from receipt.

    Also consider whether it is appropriate to quote your account password (the one quoted when calling Virgin Media)  in your cancellation letter to confirm you are the account holder.

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