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How do I confirm my contract agreement?

Joining in

I received an email from Virgin ( offering to renew my contract which is coming to an end next month.

I followed the links and was offered a new 18 month contract with the same services for 18 months at my current price.  Was happy to accept that and have received the pre-contract documentation, but I have no way to accept the agreement on the emails and have had no follow up emails.  

As I had no follow up emails I checked the original email and followed the links again and now have a new price which is £16 a month more.  

Can someone at Virgin please advise me how I can proceed with this.  I do not know if I have agreed and agreement at the original price and do not want to extend at the additional price.  Going to customer services on the phone just raises more questions as they do not know what the email agreement is about and when they price a new contract it is twice the price I am already paying!!!!

Advice and guidance would definitely be appreciated!


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi Slr010877,

Thanks for using the Community Forums to get this issue with your contract renewal looked into, I am sorry if this has been causing some frustration 😥

You should be able to login to your MyVM account and check if your contract/package details have changed. Could you please try this and let us know if it sheds a light on the situation?

I would be more than happy to check whether your renewal has gone through via this email you received if you're unable to see any changes on your Online Account 🤗




Thanks for the message, unfortunately no changes to my contract in the MyVirginMedia site.  Help would be appreciated.  I have the contract summary sheet number if that helps.





Hi Steve, 

Thanks for your reply, sorry there has been no changes on your MyVM account!

I'll be happy to help further, I'm sending a PM to you now. 

Speak soon!


Legally, VM have made you an offer, you would like to accept this, but can’t because of, well VM’s terminally broken back end systems. OK fine, unless you can accept the offer (which you can’t) then you have to assume that no such contract or agreement exists and it is as if it never happened.

So, no, as far as VM are concerned, there is no new contract you are now paying the full amount being outside of any discounts and/or minimum 18 month period. Bummer for you, no? Or maybe not, no minimum contract terms means you are now free to give VM their marching orders and look elsewhere.

So how about you do a bit of research as to what alternatives are available to you, find something that will work and call VM and give them the required 30 days’ notice. And let’s see if they suddenly are able to offer you xyz?

Hi Steve, 

Thanks for chatting with me in our PM's, I am glad we managed to get this issue sorted in the end - I am sorry it took us a while but we got there! 

If you need any further help with anything, please come back to us and we'll be happy to help again!