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How do I cancel?



Apologies long winded information below, but pretty much as the title says what's the easiest way to cancel? Ideally I would like to talk to a UK call centre who know / understand what I am taking about. 

I'm pretty much worn out and really confused by the whole thing, please let me know there is light at the end of the tunnel and virgin media aren't as bad as they seem. I signed up for a new account online on Monday (20/03/2023) expected my install to arrive today (23/03/2023). Waited at home from 8am - 9pm, missing work, and unfortunately nothing arrived. As I was getting gradually anxious throughout the day as I had not received any confirmation from the courier. I used lots of different methods to contact virgin media and try and track down the parcel or see if Virgin Media were even sending it on the day their email stated. Sadly I then discovered how bad and terrible contact with Virgin Media is. My Virgin app doesn't show a date on the track order page, the 'live' chat turns out not to be live at all but just full of automated bots that loop, the AI reminds me of something we used to have on MSN.

Whats App is an equally terrible disaster with agents disappearing mid chat and so eventually I call the call centre. First agent tells me the order was cancelled, second agent tells me the order is definitely sent and the third agent tells me there isn't a date for the order on my account. Each time I'm expected to tell them all my security details over and over. I had to keep checking the numbers to make sure it wasn't a scam. Then without asking me the last agent sends me an entirely new pre-contract that has different items on it. So naturally i state I don't agree with the new contract and just want the set up to be delivered. The agent then puts me on hold just before 9pm so next thing i know i'm greeted with an automated message telling me the call centre is now closed. 

It has been a terrible 13 hours of frustration, lying agents and misinformation. The last agent has even managed to make the problem even worse by messing up the original contract. I think I just want to get out now and go back to BT where I was able to effectively communicate with the company and the call centre can solve an actual problem.

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Re: How do I cancel?

Hello timetocancel


We're sorry to hear of the issues regarding your order, installation and now wanting to cancel. We appreciate you taking the time to contact us via the forums and welcome to the community.


We're sorry to hear of the delays to your installation and the difficulties getting to speak to the team in regards to this. Have you called the Install Team on 0800 052 1734 for an update as to what is happening? If so, were they able to help answer your questions, shed more light on what's happened and offer a resolution? 



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