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How common are problems contacting VM

Up to speed

Hello I currently have TV,broadband and landline with VM. I have been waiting for the release of the Manhattan T4R  PVR before cancelling some or all of my package. I have been reading some horror stories on this forum about folk waiting hours to discuss cancellations and wondered if these are  a minority or the norm. Because I  want to keep just the broadband ( if they price match competitors )I will need to talk to someone.

However I'm not going to be messed about , I'm not up to it mentally , I would be very happy to give a complete cancellation by post. 

I realise it's a bit silly to ask what to expect. In the past my rare communications with VM have been OK.

Thanks for any input


Trouble shooter

If you contact them at the right time (First thing when the lines open at 8am) you should be ok.

Up to speed

@carl_pearce  thanks I will remember that