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Joining in

We moved home on 15th November and prior to that spoke to the home move team to carry our services over.  Was told we didn't have to start a new contract and the contract termination date would stay the same.  No adjustments to bundle or services. A few days after we moved I noticed our contract had renewed from the installation date in our new home.  Called Virgin on 29th November and was told a notice (or words to that affect) that our termination date was to remain the same from the home move team had not made it on to the system yet. Told to wait 7 days and if the adjusted contract had not been emailed to me (was given a reference number incase I needed) to call back.  No email received so checked myvirgin again change.  Called again.  Was told the system shows the correct termination date from original contract.  Asked for confirmation and/or updated contract to be emailed to me.  Received email this evening...STILL SHOWS NEW CONTRACT TERMINATION DATE!  Also says my discounts end on the old contract termination date though funny that.  I searched the community forum and so many people are questioning/complaining about this.  Someone from Virgin sort this out please.


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi 75James75 👋🏼.

Thank you for posting, welcoming you to the community forum 😊.

Sorry to see there maybe some issues with the package you have received ☹.

I will further investigate for you and see what we can do 🧐.

I will be private messaging you, please watch out for the envelope ✉. 

Ari - Forum Team

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