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Help with secondary account

Hi folks, I took out a virgin media package at my old address as my mum had cancelled the virgin media there due to moving out (December 2019). But when I logged in to my account to view my billing, it always said I was a secondary account, meaning I couldn't access my bills to view them. 

Now I have recently moved house and have taken out a new virgin media package thinking this would carry over from my account at my previous address but contrary to my beliefs, it hasn't! 

I have got a message saying I'm no longer with Virgin Media and have 90 days from my disconnection date to collect any information I need, so I've cancelled the direct debit as I no longer live at that address. My sister is concerned as she is still there with her partner and has no issues with internet despite me cancelling, can anyone tell me what's going on please?

I want to now access my new account for the new house but can't as when I log in it's still showing up the old account details and that I've been disconnected! It's important we all keep our virgin media email too as we've had them for the last 10 years.

My brain is fried, sorry for the long winded message also!

Best regards


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