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Help with Virgin giving me the run around

Tuning in

Hello! I really really need help as I’m at my whits end.
Since July, when Virgin offered me a new package, they’ve consistently got my bill wrong. I’ve just had another invoice generated and it’s STILL wrong, with another late payment fee added 🙄
I’ve tried to raise official complaints (x3) but when I submit them, they go into a black hole and don’t save the info (luckily I have screenshots). Is my next step the ombudsman, or does anyone have any advice how I can get Virgin to sort this? 


Alessandro Volta

Forum staff can usually resolve this - getting the correct billing in place, refunding any previous errors, and a reasonable amount of compensation (say £60).

If you find that they are unable to resolve this to your complete satisfaction, then you can escalate the matter to the industry complaints adjudicator CISAS.  Whilst waiting for the forum staff to respond, phone CISAS and ask how they'd recommend you proceed given the (well known) failure of the online complaints webform to accept complaints.  That is a breach of Ofcom regulation, and since it obstructs your ability to follow the normal process, CISAS may be able to accept the complaint without further ado.

You should also report the non-functional complaints webform to Ofcom, but keep it short - Ofcom don't appear to justify their salaries by doing much, so not much point in overdoing the effort.. 

Thank you very much!
Do forum staff usually just respond directly on here? 
I’ll definitely contact both CISAS and Ofcom today….!

Alessandro Volta

Yes, forum staff typically respond to most posts in this section in a few working hours, although this isn't regarded by VM as "first line", so is rarely immediate.

Thanks again! I appreciate your advice!

Hi @Wonder8,

Thanks for your post, and a warm welcome to our Community Forums.

I'm very sorry to hear about the problems with your billing since changing your package. We can definitely take a look into this, and assist in getting the issue resolved. I'm going to send you a private message. Please look out for it in the top-right of the Forums, in the purple envelope.


Reece - Forum Team

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Hi Reece, hoping you can help again please? You looked into my account last month and when I checked then, the errors seemed to have been corrected. I’ve just had another bill (which with the credits added is fine this month), though the future recurring amount is still incorrect by £25.75 each month. Please please please can you correct this? This is now 5 months of consistently having to contact Virgin over the billing errors. 

Alessandro Volta

Five months of billing errors and still going on? 

I'd be on to CISAS, asking them to order VM to sort their tish, plus asking for £150 compensation for the persistent failings and broken promises to resolve.

Hi @Wonder8, thanks for your post here in the Community once more - really sorry to hear issues are still occurring for you.

Please give us a chance to resolve this. If you can message Reece privately (I can see he was dealing with you via PM last month), he'll definitely be able to revisit things for you and get the problem sorted.

Any more issues, please don't hestiate to let us know!
Many thanks


Thanks Alessandro, that would have to be my next steps!