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Help I need to cancel my broadband

Joining in

Does anybody know how I can cancel my package please? I've gone on chat and that kicks me out as soon as they know I'm leaving, and twice they have put the phone down on me. 


Thanks I tried once more and got through to someone willing to put the customer first so am finally free 😁

I feel sorry for the staff if they are pressured so much that they are willing to hang up on a customer rather than fail at keeping one.

The first few staff members were literally begging me to stay, will not be returning to Virgin again.

Hello DirtBag


Sorry to hear of the issues experienced cancelling your services, we understand the frustration this can cause and appreciate you raising this via the forums.


Although we're sorry to see you leave, we're pleased to hear you have been able to speak to the team and arrange the 30 day notice of cancellation. Let us know if you need us further or if you have any additional questions.