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Hello mods, sorry to ask again but phone and webchat impossible to deal with

Dialled in

This is primarily aimed at the mods.   I find myself on here every 18 months or so simply because it's impossible to contact anyone in VM any other way and I apologise in advance to the mods who are likely taking the brunt of VM's "unfit for purpose" systems.


Essentially we had received perks before on our account 18 months ago which are due to expire next month and our bill will more than double.   We're simply looking for these perks to be extended again if this is something a mod can arrange.   Also, our bill for this month is way over what it should be, happy to discuss via PM or direct telephone number but not trying the main contact lines any further, I've already tried over the past week to get through without success.

Hopeful and thankful in advance.



Thanks for coming back to us LesGTO, if you could please call into our team on 0345 454 1111 and then use options 1, 4 and 4 so that this can be looked into further.

Kind Regards,