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Have I a contract or not

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I was asked to renew my contract as I had been on a 30 day rolling contract since 2018. I was offered 25% discount on my bill bringing it down to £81. I decided t go ahead. I received in separate emails, a contract summary and a copy of the order with order number. This was in July. I awaited my reduced bill. This morning, 19th September, my bill arrived. It has details of a change of service showing a credit of 77 with then 77 added back on for new service but still charging me the old price. I checked my contract details online and seems nothing has changed. I rang 150 and after much hassle got through to a human. According to him there is no contract, I am still on 30 day rolling and still paying the same amount. What is going on. Has Virgin media completely lost the plot. I had hoped I would have a reduced price for 18 months and not lose TNT sports when they start charging. So am I on a contract or not


Tuning in

This is happening to me a monthly bill for £169.20 instead of the £104 I have a confirmation order for on 30th July.  Still trying to sort it out.

My Broadband Ping - My Virginmedia Broadband connection

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This appears to be similar to me. Ive had a contract for 5 years, around the same cost. Was offered the same contract but with a further discount. The agents agreed to change and the cost was £10 cheaper. On checking my TV, several channels had been removed and my discount ended after 6 months. This meant the cheaper contract actually cost more. I was advised to change back online which I did and got all the documents sent through. BUT  still no change to my plan. Cant get the online chat but Whatsapp seemsto be monitored by one person.

On our wavelength

Just lucky I guess. Had to sit on hold for a long time. Had to go thru a lot of security cause I can't remember my security word. They sent me a link to change it but it only works if I change my login email. They kept telling me there was no record of a new contract even though I gave them order numbers. Asked to speak to a supervisor and they said he would ring me between 10 and 12 this morning. Guess what, they never rang. My son rang on Monday to cancel his broadband and actually got verbal abuse. It was a lot better when virgin media was actually owned by Virgin. Branson made a big mistake giving them a licence to use his name