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Hard to cancel

Tuning in

My bill for BB and phone.has risen by 37%, after my negotiated deal of 18 months ago ended.

I tried to negotiate another deal but offered a minimal reduction.

I have been a customer for many years but to no effect.

I tried to cancel, but they put every obstacle in my way to when asking me many security questions. The answers had to be accurate to the extent of upper /lower case etc. Even when I got the context right, it wasn't good enough. Each time I was told to change my password and try again in 24 hours.

I am 80years old, I can't be **bleep** with all this , any advice please.


Alessandro Volta

Put your cancellation in writing and send it to VM by post using a signed-for service for proof of delivery.

Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA

You can share your hopeless cancellation experience with OFCOM.

They launched an investigation into VM on 13 July 2023 specifically into VM's cancellation and complaints processes.

Case ref. no. and an email at the bottom of the above page or submit with same info via the contact form

Submitting information won't help your individual complaint but it will contribute to the OFCOM investigation and it sounds like your experience is directly relevant to the terms of reference of the investigation.

Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi slipper,

Thank you for your post. I'm very sorry to hear about the issues you've had with cancelling your services. 

I would recommend checking out this link for ways to requested a cancellation of services: