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I have enquired about joining virgin media. However I cannot do this until my current contract with talktalk has ended. In the meantime virgin have busted my home and installed the underground cables etc. I have not yet joined virgin media, however they have conducted a hard search on my credit file and my credit has suffered greatly because of this and my mortgage is up for renewal and I am worried about this because of the effect the hard search has had on my credit score. Can someone please tell me how this can be removed quicker? The hard search was conducted in March of this year. I am so upset with this. 


Forum Team
Forum Team

Hi @sarahmeg 

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Sorry to hear that you're unhappy with a hard search that has been performed and the external installation. 


Externally installation can only take place if a package and account has been agreed. Are you saying that you did not sign up for a Virgin Media installation? 


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Virgin Media Forums Agent

Hi. Yes I did sign up but I won’t be able to activate until my talktalk subscription is complete in a few months. However that’s not the problem, it is the hard search. Can the supplier remove the hard search for me?

Thanks for coming back to us, if you have signed up to the service we do run a credit check to see if you are eligible for the service.

If you do wish to have this removed, we can look at cancelling the contract for you. However, if you wish to then take services out at a later date another credit check will be performed.

Let us know what you want to do, we'll be happy to help with whatever you decide 😊



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