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Haggle, haggle and haggle!

Opinions about haggling for a price instead of being offered it initially aside, accepting this is way things work don’t be afraid to push for a better deal!

18 month contract was ending. Price was in the mid £80s for Maxit, broadband and phone. Rang last month to negotiate a better deal. Had my reasons for leaving ready, Sky is cheaper, new customers are cheaper etc. Spoke to possibly an offshore call centre and got it down to £68. Happy. 

Then the £15 increase letter arrived. So I rang back to explain this would wipe out any incentive to stay. I was assured the increase was for contracts renewed before November. Whilst on hold on 150 I heard a new automated message saying “this account is eligible for a £7.50 discount for six months. Press 1”. Before I could, the call was answered. I rang back a few times but couldn’t get the recording again. I did however let the last call ring out and hung up before anyone answered. 

A minute later a very British person rang me from retentions. Sorry they missed my call. How can they help. I explained I was trying to get the recorded voice deal to no avail. “Okay, let me see what wiggle room we have for you” they said. After a few minutes I had another new 18 month contract, same package as we had, but for £59 a month. Had I not made any phone calls and stayed out of contract, the price rise would have pushed us to £100 a month. 

In this day and age of varying customer service this was a very refreshing experience. There is an argument for not having to haggle, but until the industry changes its tact don’t put off making a few phone calls. And ring back if you’re still not happy. Just be polite!

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Re: Haggle, haggle and haggle!

Hi Marni 👋 welcome back to the forum!

Thank you for posting and sharing your recent experience via the phone. Glad to hear it went well for you and the phone team were able to get this sorted!

Sadly we don't offer support with package changes via the community forum, so it is great to hear you were able to get the support you needed in the end via phone and you are staying with us as a happy customer! 

For anyone seeing this thread for the first time, You can call us on📞 0345 454 1111 or 150 from a VM landline. You can also get support with package changes via webchat on our website 👉 Live Chat | Virgin Media Help, or if you Text us 📲 on +44753 305 1809, and WhatsApp us on +447305 327 112 .

Let us know if there is anything else you still need support with. 

Wishing you all the best. 🌞

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