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HELP: Impossible to return equipment

Hello everyone,
two months ago I got my package downgraded from TV + broadband +phone to just broadband.
They told me that I would receive the packaging to return my tv equipment to Virgin and that I could not bring it to a shop because in that case, I would be charged.
So I waited for the packaging to arrive which it did not. After 3 weeks of wait of this packaging, I called Virgin customer service; they told me they would then send it to me again.
Obviously, I never received anything, I called the customer service weakly and spent I don't know how many hours on the phone with their representatives, saying that now they are tracking the shipment and every week they have supposedly sent another packaging.
When I called back, nobody knew anything about the tracking, and they told me they would ship it again.
They checked my address and my details multiple times, and they have the correct ones.
It starts feeling like a bit of a scam... Did anybody have this issue in the past?
How did you solve it?
I am really thinking of cancelling all my service with Virgin.
Please, can somebody advise on the best course of action? I don't want to pay for some equipment I don't know what to do with, and I would be very happy to return it.

Thank you all in advance.

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Re: HELP: Impossible to return equipment

Hi Jafanello,

How frustrating for you. Maybe the address is wrong hence nothing arrives. Use the following link and order a pre paid package yourself. This way you know you have inputted the correct address.

Strange that you have not had correspondence to say you will be charged. If it is a V6 box  then VM want it back if its the Tivo 500 they no longer collect it and request you dispose of it. 


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