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Gosh that's taking the mickey..

The day after install you are now offering a games console or £150 credit. I think I might well just cancel . 

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Re: Gosh that's taking the mickey..

that's business. at some point someone who has bought something will find the price has gone down or an additional gift or freebie is offered.

i've bought clothes in a shop. later in the week the same shirt is half price. i bought something on amazon last month. was 50 quid now 19.99. do i stop using amazon or going to the shops because of it? what about those that sign up later who find out they missed a console/150 quid by a day after the promotion stopped. do they cancel too?

virgin offering consoles or credit the day after you personally sign up is not a personal attack on you. it is business.

i recently looked at a new anti virus. i had a budget then found another well known one. they were offering 3 years for the same price as my current one for a year. i got the deal an hour before the promotion closed.

it swings and roundabouts.

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Re: Gosh that's taking the mickey..

..but, I presume, those goodies are for new customers and I believe the OP is an existing customer.

As a Very Insightful Person, I'm here to share my knowledge. I don't work for Virgin Media.

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Re: Gosh that's taking the mickey..

VM's been offering incentives for years, the current one is for those subscribing to one of the MAXIT TV bundles, three months ago there was a PS4 for those taking out a Full House Movies, Full House Sports or Full House Sports & Movies bundle, a while ago 32" TVs were being offered. It would be silly to actually cancel a service you are happy with just because you can't get a deal, it's like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

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