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Getting a replacement V6 Box

Hoping one of the forum team can pick this up. My dad currently has the old Samsung TiVo box. For the last 6 months or so it has been having output issues, with the screen pixelating/artifacts etc, and just very sluggish performance.

He has rang CS and gets sent around in circles, with the eventual advice being the box he has is fine. We have replaced the TV, and anything else that could be causing an issue. All he wants is to be sent out a V6 box to see if that works. If it does, great, if not, then it's one thing ruled out. Just wondering why everyone he has spoke to has been so obstinate and not entertaining this option. I feel him being in late 70s and maybe not articulating the issue that well may be a factor, but having dealt with VM front line staff last year, this is probably also a factor.

It's at the point where he is considering leaving and going to BT, which while it may not be a panacea, can't be worse.


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Re: Getting a replacement V6 Box

Hi JamieMA,


I am sorry to hear that your dad has been experiencing issues with his TV services. Do you know what steps have already been taken to try to troubleshoot this for him? You've advised that you've replaced some of the other equipment such as the TV, was this based on advice we gave you? Have we had engineers out to take a look at his internal and external connections and wiring?




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